Paul’s width and depth of experience in the software industry gives him an incredible platform to build solutions from. During his time with MapQuest, Paul lead and contributed significantly on our upgrades for our authentication system including extending OAUTH and passwordless authentication abilities. He lead the effort in updating an admin config publishing program, influenced micro-services architecture, and many industry leading best practices in Agile process, architecture, and devOps/continuous delivery with Amazon Web Services. Paul provides timely status and scope updates, delivers quick, high quality solutions, and doesn’t appear to be afraid to tackle anything in technology! He was instrumental in helping MapQuest deliver on key objectives in the first half of 2016.

Scott Hatch

Paul has been a phenomenal contributor to MapQuest. He designed the complete architecture of MapQuest’s accounts/authorization system and did the vast majority of development of the system. During his time at MapQuest, he became a vital engineering asset as well as a trusted voice in system architecture and strategy. His engineering and architecture skills are impeccable and greatly compliment his astute strategic vision.

Mark Johnson