Technical co-founder for (Nomad Reservations, LLC.). Architected and built a complete outdoor hospitality reservation system.

Emergency Services Project

Architected and built an entire IoT integration system for an emergency services system.

Location Widget

Simple geolocation widget for startup prototype. Architected and built a location tracking widget and service to plugin to the prototype startup page.


AmbientBox intelligently adjusts music volume, in dynamic spaces like restaurants, to make sure music-to-conversation levels always match brand requirements.

Plus AmbientBox can switch playlists to maximize profit and make sure a consistent customer experience throughout the day.

I am the technical co-founder and have done all the available software and hardware work for this project which includes a MEAN stack application for analytics and a custom-built sensor box (including all board layout, component selection and embedded programming).

Ad Agency CMS/Creative Tool

Can’t say much yet but it’s a new CMS for creatives to get work done. Basically agile for creatives.

My contributions have been as part of a two person team for the front end application (all built-in Ember.js) interacting with and troubleshooting a Rails based API. This was a year and a half engagement and resulted in many thousands of lines of production code.

Snooze AM Eatery Website

Assisted with the current Snooze AM Eatery website to make the Parallax action smooth. Created a custom version of the Video.JS application for use on this site as a background video player. Organized the code for simple builds and deployments and built a custom integration with AmbientBox for their needs.

Victors and Spoils Website

A custom CMS driven website redesign. I was involved in the responsive design as well as all the coding of the design. The main design was made by a member of the agency and I brought it to life and made it nice on all devices.

Multiple Subscription System

Designed and built a WordPress plugin (on top of WooCommerce) to manage multiple subscriptions to both physical goods and memberships.

This solution takes the guess-work out who paid for what and when. It gives organizations the ability to create multiple packages and allow their users to create packages that work for them.

This also makes creating add-on products to subscriptions as easy as creating a blog post.


TechSight/X Framework

The TechSight/X Framework is built on the most advanced XML technology to create an innovative, highly flexible framework. It is designed for rapid development and easy customization of applications with in the domains of InfoTrust Group, Inc.. The interface is Web page, wizard, and dialog box all rolled into one, but all with the appearance of a Web page. Its innovative design provides maximum usability for a more user-friendly and productive experience.