I have over 10 years experience as a business technologist, developer, software and systems architect and ops engineer. I will help you get your technology and technology group working towards your business goals.

  • Technology Business Review
  • Business Technology Setup
    • Membership Programs
    • Content Marketing
    • Technology Team Structuring
    • Development and Operations

Technology Business Review

I’ll Work through your business strategy and find out where your technology is aligned and and where it needs help.

I’ll then work with you and your team to create a comprehensive action plan to bring your technology and technology groups into alignment with your business strategy. This can include everything from technology change to strategic realignment of management.

At this point we’ll have roadmap to getting to your high value business strategies.

Business Technology Setup

After a Business Technology Review we’ll be ready to start working through your technology needs.

Membership Programs

Running a membership program is a complicated endeavor that is not easy to setup or get running smoothly.

I’ll work with your team to get you a membership system that will run on your terms to get your members the most value possible.

Content Marketing

Marketing today is a different game than just a few years ago.

Today content and the level of engagement you can provide your audience is key. Let me help you get a platform and a strategy ready for you best leverage your audience into engaged rabid fans of your brand.

Technology Team Structuring

I’ve spent years perfecting how to get technology teams working together and within the business needs of organizations. Your technology group is at the heart of how your business is perceived today. They can make or break your business with their skill.

The problems that these teams have within your organization can be daunting.

Let me work with you and your team to find the gaps in the team, the management approach and the toolset used.

Development and Operations

Often times some of the best technology teams get tripped up because the development and IT Operations groups don’t know how to efficiently work together.

I’m sure you have the best in your field when it comes to envisioning and developing your business strategy; However if you can’t get the execution to be smooth and at the speed of your changing business landscape your competitors might win.

I’ll work with your entire team to make the process transparent so they can execute your strategies at the speed of your business.