Hi there I’m Paul, it’s nice to meet you.

I’m a geek that lives in Colorado and loves to solve technical problems and be outdoors.

What’s My Story?

I been writing software since elementary school when I put together a basic program for library management (done as a way to keep me busy).

Sincethose early beginnings I went to school to become a Software Engineer and went on to work with and lead teams in complex business systems.

I’m passionate about finding creative solutions to business problems and then implementing them as a software solution. I believe that software engineering is the process of engaging the scientific method to discover the root problem set and then using the best tools and processes to solve those root issues.

Without the ability to create a hypothesis then rigorously test that hypothesis through experimentation and customer interaction, we, as software developers, are just working for ourselves. I work to continually improve my processes and tools to create products that my client and their customers will use for years to come.

Why Simply Complex?

I keep working with businesses that know they need to work with technology. However, they either don’t know how, they do know how but think it’s way to hard, or they keep getting told that the technology they know how to use won’t work for their business. I’ve worked with many, many different kinds of technology over the years. Everything from AI, Robotics and Deep Networking for a large government contractor, to a massive CMS, BPM and Portal system for airlines to websites, IoT technology and more. I keep up on what’s changing, and I can tell you that while each of these arguments is valid there is a way to work through it.

Simply Complex was started to help you find your way through this the complex technology landscape. It’s a tools resource, consultancy and support network to help you use technology for your business. I want to succeed so everything Simply Complex does is designed to make technology work for you now in your business.

I’d love to hear from you and get you started on a better technology path, enter your name and email address and Join Us!

I’m looking forward to working with you!

Paul Ryan